Imagine arriving home to your kitchen cupboards stocked, your freshly ironed shirts hanging in your cupboard, a crisp bottle of wine waiting in the fridge and your favourite old movie awaiting your touch on the remote….

No longer just for high flyers, My Life Organised is here to offer a personal service to all walks of life – frenzied overworked moms, corporate bachelors and stressed singletons who pack their diaries full! The days of rushing around are over and the luxury of delegation has just begun…

My Life Organised offers a wide range of services aimed at simplifying your life. A consultant will meet with you personally to find areas in your life where we can be of assistance in saving you time and money and removing that day to day hassle and feeling of never being able to get things done!

Click on the links below to view our packages:

  • Groceries and goods management/shopping
  • Ordering of specialty deli foods, wine and specialty liquors
  • Dry cleaning delivery and collection
  • Housekeeping coordination
  • Research, screen, schedule and co-ordinate contractors for cleaning, landscaping, household repairs and the like – comparative quotes included
  • Meeting of plumbers, builders etc when you are unable to be home – including quotes and installation
  • Organisation of rooms, closets and collections
  • DVD pick-ups and returns
  • Pick up and delivery of prescriptions
  • Collection and return of rented formal wear
  • Bank deposits, bill and municipal payments
  • Post office and courier errands
  • Drop off of payments, SARS documents etc
  • Library pick-up and returns
  • Drop off and pick up cell phone repairs
  • Subscriptions and renewal
  • Shopping and gift buying – both personal and corporate
  • Wrapping and delivery of gifts
  • Holiday season gift buying
  • Personal shopping assistance
  • Returns and exchanges
  • Comparative price quotes i.e. for home ware and household goods
  • Grocery shopping such as day-to-day items, specialty foods, deli foods, confectionary and liquor as well as delivery and unpacking
  • Back-to-school, items for school fundraisers and school outings
  • Organising of vehicle for insurance assessments/servicing and repair
  • Processing applications, claims and queries
  • License renewals
  • Payment of traffic fines
  • Booking salon and spa treatments and personal appointments
  • Special date reminders
  • Booking golf tee-off times
  • Internet research
  • Product and price comparisons
  • General filing and emailing
  • Organising airport collection and drop offs
  • Passport and visa applications
  • Car and limousine hire
  • Helicopter and jet charters
  • Holidays, tours and flights services and research
  • Maps and directions assistance
  • Last minute pre-holiday errands and shopping
    • Party ideas and dinner planning and co-ordination
    • Organisation of dinner party, including menu choice, shopping and recipes – all delivered ready to prepare
    • Restaurant, movies, concert, sports & theatre tickets, reservations & recommendations
    • Co-ordination of suppliers for ordering, set-up and execution of function
  • Airport shuttle
  • Liaising with rental agency in securing your holiday home
  • Overseeing general housekeeping  - including laundry and errands
  • Holiday co-ordination of tours, charters, restaurant reservations etc
  • Management of domestic services of the house rental
  • Stocking of fridge and general home shopping – including delivery/collection and unpacking
  • Assistance in organising of special dinner parties, hiring of chefs, equipment and flowers
  • Breakfast service
  • Unpacking and packing of luggage
  • Supervision of home with weekly visits to make sure home is safe while you are away
  • Paying of bills – electricity/phone/DSTV
  • Watering of plants
  • Feeding of pets
  • Organising repairs and meeting of deliveries and service repairmen
  • Stocking of fridge for when you arrive
  • Supervision of domestic worker, garden services, pool services etc
  • Contact for alarm company if problems occur

Cape Town
Caro Fisher
Mobile: 082 963 7234
Fax: 086 664 0862

Nicky Park
Mobile: 082 456 2865
Fax: 086 538 9962