We meet with you personally and discuss which areas of your life need to be simplified and then customize a cost effective service to meet your needs.

Absolute discretion is guaranteed with all clients and we assure that each task is managed with utmost attention to detail, while ensuring outstanding response times to the task given.

Each client is given their own worksheet with everything that you have asked us to work on, so that you don’t have to make your own list – you can just email, phone or text anytime something pops into your head and we add it to your own personal list! An update is sent to you weekly giving you the status of the tasks that we are working on.

Tailor-made packages are available where a range of services are grouped according to your own personal needs.

Our fees are based on an hourly rate, charged in 30 minute blocks. You are billed from the time a task is started until the task in completed.

You are invoiced at the end of a project or on a 2 weekly basis, unless you have chosen the package option whereby you are billed monthly including an initial signing fee of R250.

All expenses are charged to the client, and can either be paid upfront or they are added onto the final invoice for payment.

Petrol is charged at the given AA rate, outside certain limits, which is discussed when the contract is signed.

Any national and international calls and faxes are charged to the client personally.

Payment can be made by EFT, cheque or cash.

Cape Town
Caro Fisher
Mobile: 082 963 7234
Fax: 086 664 0862

Nicky Park
Mobile: 082 456 2865
Fax: 086 538 9962