Thandi Orleyn
When I left the formal corporate environment to start my own business, I did not realize how much I would miss the corporate admin support. Although I had left the corporate world, my schedule did not ease. In fact it became tighter and it became clear to me how much I don't like admin. Nicky of My Life Organised came into my life and has been a saviour, she has taken away the burden of day to day organizing particularly at home and enabled me to concentrate and focus on my core strengths. I feel more in control with her support.

Ashleigh Bradley
I am over the moon with the service received from MLO! It is such a treat to have someone who can do all the things that I never get around to do and to have it done with the professionalism, understanding and enthusiasm of MLO is just wonderful.
Any money spent has been worth all the time saved. Thanks for revolutionising my life.

Kim Faure
My life organised should be called "my life saved" - without the tremendous support of my personal assistant from my life organised I would never have coped with my hectic life as a working mom with 2 small children. She took my daily life admin tasks and made them arrive in my house at the perfect time in perfect order. So thoughtful was she that when she purchased a gift for me it came with gift wrapping, a card and some selotape - absolutely perfect!

Taryn Sessel
I started using My Life Organised for a few odds and ends around the house and have since then used them for a number of things, from sorting out small little things, to assisting with a big move. Nicky has been amazing and it has been so re-assuring to know that someone capable and trustworthy is managing all the things you would love to get resolved and sorted out, but just don't get around to doing it. I would definitely recommend the service.

Tracy and Andrew Hirst
"Caro's company name is so fitting. You can forget about those long personal admin to-do lists and just hand them over to Caro; you will never feel more organised. Whether it's booking a restaurant, doing your dry-cleaning, organising a visa or buying your groceries, you can be guaranteed she'll be thorough and efficient. Better still, she enjoys it! Easily contactable and very trustworthy, it was a pleasure to get either her status reports or come home to her having delivered as per my requests."

Sue Atkinson
MLO is the perfect solution for a working mother who just doesn't have enough hours in the day.  Whether it's collecting a new card from the bank, arranging for household repairs, or dealing with the home affairs department, it is an absolute pleasure to be able to hand over a task, and know that it will be completed quickly, professionally and with minimum inconvenience to me - all of which means that I can keep my mind on my work when I am at the office, and on my family when I am at home, and not on the never-ending to-do list.

I hadn’t ever thought of outsourcing aspects of my personal life to someone, I mean why would I? My To Do lists have always been a source of comfort, security and provided the illusion that I was on top of things! After a hectic provincial move and all my energy going into a new job, the last thing I felt like doing was dealing with a backlog of personal admin!

Caro provided the perfect solution, but also delivered in ways that I didn’t expect. Her discretion and professionalism is outstanding, but its also her kindness that has made me feel that with an empty in-tray I can go out and conquer the world!

Cape Town
Caro Fisher
Mobile: 082 963 7234
Fax: 086 664 0862

Nicky Park
Mobile: 082 456 2865
Fax: 086 538 9962