“I never seem to have enough hours in the day, I just wish there was more time as I’m always feeling rushed, stressed and pulled in a million directions. I eat lunch on the run or at my desk; breakfast is a thing of the past or take away Vida while I speed to work. I keep procrastinating about bills that need to be paid, drawers that need to be sorted and subscriptions that need to be renewed. I haven’t exercised in weeks, I forgot my Mother-in-law's birthday and when was the last time I spent quality time with my family…”

Sound familiar…

Read on for tips on how you can save time, organise your life and restore personal harmony and balance.

Make use of the “dead” or “gap” time in your day
On average 2-5hours of the day is dead time - the time between activities that isn’t normally long enough to get real tasks done. i.e. commuting to work, waiting in line at the shops, waiting during a swimming lesson, the time spent cooking a meal etc. There are ways to start using this time more effectively:

Read – always carry a book, article or document with you that needs reading or editing, catch up on the Financial Times or read through your child’s homework in preparation for when you get home
Problem solve – think ahead and solve the problems during gap periods so that you don’t spend wasted time arguing with your partner when you get home
Use audio – download books, presentations speeches onto your Ipod and listen to them on your way home, or while you wait in line.
Be creative – use this time to brainstorm for your upcoming presentation, ideas for your child’s 3rd grade project, or just simple creativity for your own life
Phoning – catch up on appointment making, returning of calls, birthday texts and calls – speaker phone and Bluetooth makes driving and phoning all the more easier!
Relax – use the time standing in queues or waiting at robots to practice that Pilates breathing or posture that you just can’t get right. Simple breathing exercises or meditation help keep you calm as you wait for yet another shopper in front of you to find his credit card

And if none of these work for you just ENGAGE in the activity that you are doing, focus completely on it and find enjoyment in the simple joy of observation and waiting!

Organise your home according to your life – use space wisely, get creative with storage, set up areas that are used purely for work and purely for play. De-clutter your home and give everyday items such as remotes, cords for the Ipod, video cameras and cellphones, camera charges specific homes – using special draw compartments and funky boxes as storage options. Label them accordingly. This will not only save you time in looking for them as you rush out the door for a hike up Lion’s head but it might also save your relationship…

Buy in bulk – this isn’t just for large families but for singletons and bachelors too. Think how many times you need a congratulations card as you whiz out the door to yet another engagement party – stock up – buy 10 and not 1, you’ll be amazed at the hassle this saves. This applies to all areas of your home – your pantry, toiletries, gift wrapping, wine and hostess presents.

Pay it Forward – keep a gift drawer/box or a gift idea list that makes purchasing for your sister-in-law that much easier! Start collecting during the year and add to the box or drawer as you go along, so it’s not always a mad dash after work to buy some bath salts for the next occasion – this way you’ll always have something that someone will use and appreciate!

Be aware of TIME and know how long things take – the more aware you are of how long it takes to do things the less dead time you’ll have and the more time you’ll have to do the things you love. Even set your watch 5 minutes late to help you keep ahead of the game.

Use Technology – there is so much available out there for us to learn about and apply to our lives to make the daily stress of getting from A-B simpler. Whether it’s your cellphone diary, your laptop or your Ipod, learn about their functions and what’s out there and plug it into your life….you’ll be amazed at what it can do!

And if none of these inspire you to live a simpler and more balanced life…
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